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This is an opportunity for children who are serious about advancing their abilities in Chess. Parents recognize the many benefits of mastering Chess at a young age. It improves problem solving & spatial skills, memory, concentration and creativity. Young Chess players exercise both sides of their brains and learn to plan, predict, and use foresight. This course focuses on developing self-discipline, as it trains students to become rated players. Our instructors set the stage for building confidence and a strong foundation for future personal success, while students are actively engaged in enjoyable lessons. *Parents need to support our reinforcement of weekly exercises and assignments.  

  • Beginner (Grade 1 - 3) - Wednesday, October 17 - December 12 4:30PM - 5:45PM

  • Intermediate (Grade 1 - 6) - Thursday, October 18 - December 6:30PM - 7:45PM

  • Tournament Prep (Grade 1 - 8) - Friday, October 5 - December 7 6:30PM - 8:00PM

Location:  Paramus Midland School (Beginner); Paramus St. Matthew’s Church (Intermediate and Tournament Prep)

Reader’s & writer's workshops

get a strong start at strengthening and polishing writing skills

"Learning to write is a lifelong process, and young writers need to start with a strong foundation in the basic mechanics of sentence structure and grammar.  Our program utilizes renowned online resources that infuse reading with writing reinforcement. Our instructor guides and models students' grammar, sentence structure, and basic writing skills in an effective systematic approach that increases confidence and competence.

  • Reader’s Workshop (Grade 2) - Tuesday, October 30 - December 11 4:30PM - 5:45PM

  • Writer's Workshop (Grade 3 - 4) - Thursday, October 25 - December 6 4:30PM - 5:45PM

Location: Paramus Fusion Center - 650 Pascack Road (previous Trinity Church)


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debate & public speaking 

Shakespeare once said that “All the world’s a stage.”  Public speaking and debate class is a great, safe way for students to get “on stage” and develop confidence, logical arguments, and public speaking abilities that apply to the real world!

Students will participate in a variety of both individual and group activities.  The individual activities will help students construct arguments, while the group activities will be more performative with a combination of debate games: critical thinking and theater.  The overall goal is for students to develop both sides of their brains and increase their command of the language, so they communicate with confidence and clarity.

  • Public Speaking (Grade 4 - 7) Wednesday - October 24 - December 12 6:00PM - 7:00PM

  • Debate/Public Speaking (Grade 6 - 9) Tuesday - October 23 - November 27 6:00PM - 7:00PM

  • Public Speaking (Grade 4 - 7) Saturday - October 20 - December 8 3:00PM - 4:00PM

  • Debate/Public Speaking (Grade 6 - 9) Saturday - October 20 - December 8 4:00PM - 5:00PM

Location: Paramus Fusion Center - 650 Pascack Road, Paramus

  • Public Speaking (Grade 4 - 6) Thursday - October 18 - December 13 4:30PM - 5:45PM

Location:  Fair Lawn Milnes School

what our clients say!


The Brainyak Kid program provides educational and fun activities for students at all grade levels. This after school program is an effective way for students to expand their educational experiences.The instructors are top-notch!

Mr. Joseph Fulco, Principal of H.B. Milnes School, Fair Lawn


"Hiring Brainyak Kids Chess Program at the Cliffside Park Public Library was one of the best additions to our children's programming lineup.  From the first correspondence with Brainyak to the finishing touches, Christine Wu has been nothing short of professional, accommodating and flexible with her offerings.  We are fortunate enough to having Mr. Richie teaching our kids a weekly chess class, and it's been received with rave reviews.  I am thrilled that we are able to offer this program throughout the school year and look forward to a continued great working relationship.  I highly recommend Brainyak Kids programming for it versatility and educational value."

Maria S.Worth- Program Coordinator, Cliffside Park Public Library



Multiple programs

Chess, Robotics, Science, Public Speaking, Debate, Academic Enrichment, Art, Space and more...



Over 10 partners offer brainyak kid after-school programs

Our partners are in Paramus, Fair Lawn, Glen Rock, Ridgewood,  River Edge, Washington Township, Upper Saddle River, Cliffside Park and Edgewater.  



celebrating our 16th year!

Passion and children's progress keep us moving ahead!  Thanks to our excellent staff that we can create happy learning experiences!